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Brighton Hall's Science Fair a Success

Today, the hallways of Brighton Hall buzzed with a different kind of energy. Gone were the scripts memorized and soccer plays practiced – today was all about bubbling beakers, towering volcanoes, and the unbridled curiosity of budding young scientists. That’s right, it was Brighton Hall’s annual Science Fair, a much-anticipated event where every student gets a chance to shine!

The fair wasn't just about test tubes and microscopes, though. It was a vibrant display of scientific exploration and artistic expression combined. Students showcased their projects, from the meticulously crafted (one ingenious student even built a working record player!) to the delightfully messy (who knew exploding volcanoes could be so educational?). Another project explored the surprising impact of music on plant growth, while others delved into the practical, like comparing the absorbency of different fabrics.

Principal Angie Peiris couldn't have been more enthusiastic. "In today's world, where technology is woven into the very fabric of our lives, a strong foundation in science is more important than ever," she remarked. "The Science Fair allows our students to explore, experiment, and discover the wonder of the world around them. It's truly inspiring to see their creativity and passion on display!"

But wait, there's more! The Science Fair doubled as an Art Show, with many students showcasing their artistic talents alongside their scientific endeavors. From detailed sketches of the human body to vibrant paintings inspired by the natural world, the artistic flair added a delightful dimension to the event.

Brighton Hall understands that talented young minds come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your child is a budding scientist, a passionate artist, or both, our flexible and supportive environment allows them to thrive. Who knows, maybe next year's Science Fair will feature your child's groundbreaking invention (or award-winning artwork)!

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